Why does my invoice show the security deposit as £0.00?

We charge a £250 refundable security deposit when you collect your Leo. But you may have noticed that this isn’t shown on your invoice even though you’re collecting a Leo. Wondering why?

The answer is simple, if your invoice is due more than a week before your your pickup date, it’s not best for you us to charge the security deposit at the same time we collect your remaining balance/invoice amount. Bank interest rates may be low, but we’re sure you’ll agree that the money is better in your bank account than ours!

That said, if your invoice due date is within a week of your pickup date, you’ll most likely find that we do add your security deposit to your invoice total, though you’re welcome to ask us to remove this and pay the deposit at the time of pickup instead. In all cases, the security deposit will be refunded once your Leo has been returned on time and in the condition you picked him up in.